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Recycling Scrap Metal

T & C Metal Co can handle all your recycling needs in Chicagoland and surrounding areas.

We can Help Recycle:

Aluminum >
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ALUMINUM: We generate over 300 million cans per year. Americans throw away over 3 million cans a year. Other examples of Aluminum are:

Cans • Gutters • Siding • Window Frames • Doors • Automobile Wheels • Ladders • Pipes • Sheets • Swimming Pools • Pans • Cast • Radiators
Copper >
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COPPER is one of the most valuable metals to recycle and be found in your own house things such as:

Plumbing Pipes • Roofing • Gutters • Electrical wire • A/C Unit Coils • Containers • Communication Wire • Pots & Pans • Garden Art
Brass >
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BRASS is composed of copper and zinc. This is commonly used in:

Keys • Door Handles • Light Fixtures • Faucets • Bathroom Fixtures • Statues • Valves • Radiators • Plumbing Valves
• Shotgun Shells
Lead >
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LEAD is the world's most recycled product. 2.4 million tons of lead acid batteries are kept out of landfills by recycling. 80% of all lead is used in lead acid batteries. Other common uses for lead are:

Fishing Tackle • Auto Batteries • Lead Aprons
Stainless Steel >
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STAINLESS STEEL is an alloy of steel, chromium and nickel. 90 % of all stainless steel is recycled which means when you purchase a new stainless steel product today, it will be made out of 60% recycled material. Examples of products made out of stainless steel are:

Bolts • Brackets • Exhaust Parts • Cookware/Cutlery • Surgical Instruments • Sinks
& More! >
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Did you Know?
There are lots of places and ways you can collect scrap, from your home, work, roadsides, neighbors, and friends. Sometimes we discard what can be a goldmine of worthy scrap.

Selling Scrap is a great way to earn some extra money and do your part in helping to keep our planet healthier.

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